The only the beginning

I have some big news: this blog is no more.

Before you reach for the Kleenex, however, here’s the good news: I am now blogging at Crikey, more often than ever, for my brand spankin’ new online repository: Cinetology.

I’ll be blogging about all things cinema with reviews, interviews, giveaway competitions and miscellaneous move-related rants.

Please head on over and bookmark it. Thanks for supporting this blog and I look forward to having you as regular readers of Cinetology. I have already begun taking t-shirt orders.


Hold onto your hats...

Big news about the future of this blog next week. There's a reason I've been light on posts lately, and it's not because I'm a lazy bugger. Stay tuned.


Radio review - Knowing

Me on radio 2HD again, reviewing Knowing. Have a listen right 'ere