A career built on shifting sands

Most of us have built a sand castle or two in our time, probably during family expeditions to the beach when we were children. Some lucky devils not only keep up the habit in adult life, they actually get paid to do it – and not nickels and dimes but enough to earn a living. In Melbourne at the Frankston Waterfront, a sand sculpting exhibition called DinoStory will be open until April 26, and I recommend checking it out: the sculptures are massive, intricately designed pieces of art with impressive attention to detail.

I wrote a story about DinoStory and Perth-based sand sculptor Kevin Crawford; to read it head over to


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  1. My immediate thought when I read your article was 'who gets to jump on them afterwards?' Maybe it shows I have sadistic tendencies, but I reckon that’s totally the best bit about sand castles! That being said, I went and saw dinostory on the weekend and really it would be pretty hard to bring yourself to stomp those Jurassic jewels - they are awesome. Plus, with all that fixative on them you may just break a leg!