Palling around with super heroes: Obama meets Spider-Man

Can we believe that Barack Obama's taste in popular culture is possibly the coolest in U.S. Presidential history? Yes we can.

From what I’ve read about his taste in music, movies and literature, it appears that Barack and I have some similarities: he loves The Godfather I and II but the third “not so much;” he cites Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks as one of his favourite albums and he owns a collection of Spider-Man comic books. I’ve got some great Spidey comics – carefully filed away in plastic pocket sleeves and stored at my mum’s place – but unfortunately, though not unpredictably, I've never met Spider-Man or even shared with him a few measly frames in one of his comics. This is where Barack and I differ (that and the whole Leader of the Free World thing) because the world’s favourite apostle for change is yes-we-canning his way into the Marvel playground. Marvel recently announced that Obama and Spider-Man will meet in the Amazing Spider-Man issue 583, which will feature two covers, one of them of Spidey and the President-elect. Check it out:

The Obama/Spidey story won’t be a full edition but rather a five pager about Spider-Man defeating the villainous Chameleon, who attempts to scupper Obama’s swearing-in ceremony. After whacking Chameleon in the face Spider-Man reportedly says “ya hear that, Chameleon? The president-elect here just appointed me ... secretary of shuttin' you up.” Nice. But looks like the best line comes a little later when Spidey says “"this is your day, after all, and I know it wouldn't look good to be seen palling around with me.” That’s a playful reference to a ludicrous pre-election comment made by Sarah Palin (point taken - there were many) about Obama’s association with Bill Ayers. Double nice.

No word yet on an Australian release date for the comic; if anybody stumbles upon one please drop me a line. It would make a nice addition to my Spider-Man collection, though I must confess the last time I added to it was about the same time hyper colour t-shirts were all the rage.

Rumour has it that George W Bush may be appearing in an upcoming edition of Ducktales. Remember that you read it here first.

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  1. Luke, you may be interested in this blog post on Obama's geek appeal:

  2. YEAH OBAMA! Seriously, coolest president EVER. He's so cool he could actually make hyper-colour cool again! I hereby challenge Barack Obama to bring it back - imagine the diplomatic meetings - krudd puttin a hand print right on his rippling abs, Sarkozy lining up for a smilie-face on the sleeve and howard (who I read today snaked Obama to the presidential guest house) sniggering away planning a big arrow on the back pointing down with a message above that reads 'ENTER HERE'.

  3. eyeswired: thanks for the link. "Apparently when Barack spotted Leornard 'Spock' Nimoy at an event he greeted him with the Vulcan salute." That's awesome. I wouldn't put it past him.

    Rhona: they should definitely be a central plank on the agenda - i.e. economic crisis, war in Iraq/Afghan, health care and HYPER COLOUR T-SHIRTS. No prizes for guessing which three words Obama would want printed on 'em...